by Giacomo Puccini at Volksoper Wien

"André Barbe and Renaud Doucet have come up with a wholly original, wildly inventive approach: their triumphant production at Vienna's Volksoper is set in a phantasmagoric insect world. (...) Their production has a cohesion and unity of vision that make for a spellbinding, eye-popping evening of music theater...."

L.L. Lash - Opera News


"... China and its butterflies. Natural selection. Wonder. Could the social life of insects inspire the social life of humans? Inside of ant colonies not unlike that of a thousand year old imperial court, and like the commedia dell’arte, individuals are identified by their function..."

A. Barbe & R. Doucet     (View Full Text)


One of the most revived production in Vienna



Lighting Designer : Guy Simard
Photos : Dimo Dimov
Video : Volksoper Wien