by Camille Saint-Saëns at Kungliga Operan

" Director/choreographer Renaud Doucet boldly chose to frame the piece in modern day Gaza.(...) how did it come off as theatre? Well. Indeed, very very well. The handsome design by Andre Barbe was meticulously lit by Guy Simard.(...) The Bacchanal was another master stroke..."

G. Hoffman - Opera Today


"... A high metallic wall, which separates fellow human beings, by sending back to them reflections of their humanity. 
Pulling on the rope of territorial claims. 
Lamp posts made of barbed wire, strangely beautiful, strangely cruel. 
Refusing to speak for the benefit of action..."

A. Barbe & R. Doucet     (View Full Text)



Lighting Designer : Guy Simard
Photos : Alexander Keeney
Video : Kungliga Operan