by Domenico Cimarosa
at Innsbrucker Festwochen der Alten Musik

" ... Dass der Abend trotz mancher musikalischer Wiederholung nicht langatmig gereit, war das Verdienst des Teams Renaud Doucet (Regie) und André Barbe (Ausstattung). Die Legitimation dazu erhielt die Inszenierung nicht nur durch Textpassagen, sonder auch durch die Vorgänge im Haus des Kaufmanns Geronimo... "

W. Kutzschbach - Opernglas


Drawings by André Barbe

Drawings by André Barbe


"... Cimarosa’s music gave us the idea of situating the action of the opera in an 18th century hen house. Inspired by many musical cues such as the constant bickering, the characters remind us of poultry in a farmyard.
With the Petit Trianon farm house Queen Marie Antoinette created a fashion causing many nobles and bourgeois to copy her. Our protagonists are therefore be inspired by either roosters, chickens, turkeys, pheasants and pigeons all of which make up for our menagerie of characters..."

A. Barbe & R. Doucet     (View Full Text)


The production will be presented at Oper Köln in June / July 2018



Lighting Designer : Ralph Kopp
Photos : Rupert Larl