by Antonín Dvorák at Volksoper Wien

"...The new Rusalka production of Renaud Doucet and André Barbe at the Volksoper Wien is a big success ... With the Volksoper Wien, the story keeps the audience at bay. (...) The direction tells the work in an authentic way and shows very well different subcutaneous processes..."

M.T. Arnbom - Opera Magazine

Drawings by André Barbe

Drawings by André Barbe


"... The fairytale is cruel. Nature is perverted by the human. Humanity destroys itself. When there are no more trees, from which branch will humans be able to hang themselves by way of punishment for their crimes?"

A. Barbe & R. Doucet     (View Full Text)


The production is coming back to the Volksoper Wien in March / April 2018



Lighting Designer : Guy Simard
Photos : Dimo Dimov / Stephan Liewehr - Art for Art